Our Values



What we want to achieve with our product is save schools’ time for their staff to focus on pupils completely. By promoting better communications, payment systems and overall facilities, we want to empower school staff and improve the school environment. Therefore, creating a community of people who want the best for children.



SchoolMoney cares about our relationship with our schools. Our platform is built so you know exactly what you’re paying for, and our support team is always here to help. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, as it helps us improve to deliver the best possible service for you.



The reason why we are trusted by thousands of schools in the UK is that we want to supply our schools with as many resources as possible, as well as an impeccable service. You can find many resources on our website, such as guides, tutorials and our EdTech Digest Magazine. We also regularly host free webinars for schools to learn more about our products and get support.



You will find we aim to be very consistent across all our products to save school staff and teachers time. By keeping in mind the school environment and common struggles for schools, we do our best to deliver consistent support and guidance to help your school achieve.



In a world where schools often face challenges such as budgeting struggles and unpredictable social situations, we want to create solutions. This is why we work with industry experts to improve daily processes for school staff and parents, as well as students. We are consistently working harder and better to improve education.

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