SchoolMoney integrates with...

Our School App

Payments and communications are made easier for both school staff and families using our mobile app.

Dinners, Clubs and Shop

Using the app on their phone, parents and guardians can make secure payments in seconds for everything they might need, from school meals to after-school club memberships.


As well as payments, the app covers all forms of school communication in one convenient place. This means important messages won’t get lost and families can stay up to date easily. Real-time notifications mean that school staff can contact home in seconds.

Calendar and Noticeboard

By highlighting key upcoming dates on the in-app school calendar, your schools can ensure parents and guardians know what’s coming up next and don’t miss parents’ evenings and other important events.

parent app

One Streamlined App, Designed For Families

The school app helps connect parents and guardians to their schools, keeping everything they need to know and take action on within one easy channel.

From checking the next key date in the calendar to purchasing items from the school shop, everything can be handled in the app.

The app is available to download for both Apple and Android devices, so parents and guardians can stay up to date via their smartphones and your staff can send out messages or take payments with as little hassle as possible.


Looking to go cashless?

Get your complete guide to going cashless, designed for Multi-Academy Trusts and individual schools. This simple guide is packed with tips, case studies and answers to frequently asked questions.


More SchoolMoney Features...

Cashless Catering

Cashless integration is straightforward and effective, with simple dinner money remote top ups to save parents time and hassle.

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School Shop

Sell school uniform items, event tickets or charity items hassle free. The school shop enables parents to buy either in person or online without the need for cash.

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Trips & Clubs

Allow parents to book and pay for their child’s activities with ease, through a number of payment types and keep them updates with automatic notifications.

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Allow parents to top-up at their local corner shop or supermarket, enabling a cashless environment within the school gates.

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Join Hundreds of UK Schools

Leading schools use SchoolMoney to make online payments easy for schools and parents.

“SchoolMoney is a great product, and it has really helped our school to achieve. It’s saved our staff a lot of time counting cash, so their time can now be used in ways to help the students achieve rather than heading to the bank.”

Aspley Guise Lower School

“SchoolMoney has been a benefit to wide range of school staff and parents (no cash handling – thereby reducing any loss of money), I would highly recommend the product. SchoolMoney provided initial one-to-one training for our staff, the helpline and guides are also very useful.”

Mercy College

“An outstanding school payments system with outstanding support, and great value for money!”

Kingskerswell Primary School

“The support line is fabulous, no matter what the issue is we pick up the phone and they’re brilliant. I don’t want to go back to paper as it would be a step back for all of us. Where we are now, everything runs like clockwork. If you were to tell me that in September we were going back to paper, I would be devastated!”

Ballymacash Primary School

“It’s very easy to pick up. It doesn’t take long after a new colleague begins before I feel like I can leave them alone with it. We’ve had several parents and guardians tell us SchoolMoney was the best thing the school had ever done.”

Hob Green Primary School

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