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SchoolMoney for Your Primary School

An all-in-one payment system for Primary Schools.

Speed Up School Processes

Free up time for staff and students to focus on learning by handling all payments with a quick, easy and cash-free online system. Our powerful reporting allows schools to have a quick glance at their arrears and chase overdue payments in the click of a button.

Improve The Experience For Families

With the option to pay online, through our mobile app or over the phone for everything to do with your school, parents or guardians can enjoy the convenience of cashless payments or even use PayPoint – the choice is theirs.

Make Kitchen Stock Control Simpler

SchoolMoney’s cashless catering solution allows for parents and guardians to choose their child’s meal choices simply online. By allowing pre-orders in advance, schools can easily keep track of stock, reduce food wastage and manage budgets more successfully.

Cashless Catering

How does SchoolMoney help Primary Schools?

  • Streamline catering by going cashless and give parents & guardians the power of choice in selecting meals
  • Remove the stress from school club management by taking your processes online
  • Improve your school’s income by selling uniform, event tickets and more from the school shop intuitively through SchoolMoney
  • Manage trips and allow parents and guardians to pay in as many instalments as you’d like
  • Collect and follow up on school arrears and easily generate intuitive school reports
  • Use PayPoint to go completely cashless and allow families without internet access or bank accounts to pay for meals at corner shops, post offices and supermarkets

Looking to go cashless?

Get your complete guide to going cashless, designed for Multi-Academy Trusts and individual schools. This simple guide is packed with tips, case studies and answers to frequently asked questions.


Cashless Catering Handbook

Join Hundreds of UK Schools

Leading schools use SchoolMoney to make online payments easy for schools and parents.

“SchoolMoney is a great product, and it has really helped our school to achieve. It’s saved our staff a lot of time counting cash, so their time can now be used in ways to help the students achieve rather than heading to the bank.”

Aspley Guise Lower School

“SchoolMoney has been a benefit to wide range of school staff and parents (no cash handling – thereby reducing any loss of money), I would highly recommend the product. SchoolMoney provided initial one-to-one training for our staff, the helpline and guides are also very useful.”

Mercy College

“An outstanding school payments system with outstanding support, and great value for money!”

Kingskerswell Primary School

“The support line is fabulous, no matter what the issue is we pick up the phone and they’re brilliant. I don’t want to go back to paper as it would be a step back for all of us. Where we are now, everything runs like clockwork. If you were to tell me that in September we were going back to paper, I would be devastated!”

Ballymacash Primary School

“It’s very easy to pick up. It doesn’t take long after a new colleague begins before I feel like I can leave them alone with it. We’ve had several parents and guardians tell us SchoolMoney was the best thing the school had ever done.”

Hob Green Primary School

What do you get with SchoolMoney?

SchoolMoney enables schools to streamline their existing processes whilst moving to an intuitive system that eliminates administrative burden.

Cashless Catering
School Shop
Trips and Clubs
School App

Cashless Catering

Give Families The Choice

Cashless integration is straightforward and effective, with simple dinner money remote top-ups, which save parents & guardians noth time and hassle.

This allows students to pick their own meals in the classroom or choose them together from home.

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School Shop

Sell Items with Ease

Whether you want to sell school uniform items, event tickets or charity items – you can, completely hassle free. The school shop enables parents and guardians to buy whatever items you’re selling either in person or online without the need for cash.

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Trips and Clubs

Set Up Trips and Clubs in Minutes

You can organise, list and sell trips and clubs in less than 60 seconds! Parents and guardians can book and pay for their child’s activities with ease, with multiple payment options and a variety of ways to keep them updated with automatic notifications.

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Accessible Payments For All

Allow families to top-up with cash at their local corner shop or supermarket, meaning you can have a completely cashless environment within the school gates.

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School App

The Handy App for Busy Families

An easy-to-use app enabling parents and guardians to view messages, check key dates and make payments whilst on the move.

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Easy Financial Reporting Tools

SchoolMoney makes it incredibly easy to get detailed overviews of all kinds of transactions, even across a large trust. Our in-depth reporting feature has over 30 different reports which are tailored to you and your school.

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