8 November 2021

The Benefits of Consistent Invoicing

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Giulia Tramontana

The benefits of consistent invoicing

Budgeting is an important responsibility for schools, and it can be challenging to plan and prioritise what to invest more or less in. After the new announcements about educational budgets, it is important for schools to start planning these budgets around services they require. We had a chat with Community Brands’ Vice President for Payments UK and EMEA Martin Temple to give schools advice on investing in tech tools that offer consistent invoicing.

How can schools plan their budgets better?

The best trick to keep budgets under control and not go past the limit is to manage finances carefully, and invest in services that guarantee a fixed bill. Having a specific bill makes schools not worry about potentially not being able to pay for other services. Additionally, they need to ensure they get a great service at a great price.

A communications platform that offers an unlimited plan for a fixed price, like Teachers2Parents, will let schools use it at its full potential. Schools will be empowered to send as many texts and emails as they want and need, free of charge. The same goes for a payments platform that lets you carry out unlimited transactions with no extra fees.

Consistent invoicing and its perks

It is always useful to know you are receiving a consistent bill, with no surprises. The service becomes a whole package, benefitting school staff, parent and student: ticking all three boxes is a lot more powerful than just saving money. Although saving schools’ money is a given, returning time is equally as valuable. This way, school staff can spend this time on what really matters: educating pupils. Plus, everyone in the school community is satisfied.

Pain points when choosing a provider

It is essential for schools to validate that the service can deliver what it says it can deliver. Schools have a lot to research in terms of their features and functionality when choosing a provider. It is vital that the product offers everything the school is looking for.

Thorough research is also important to consider when renewing a service. Schools should not let their contracts auto-renew because “they were good last year.” Moreover, you should always be aware of changes, consider other competitor products, make sure the service still aligns with the school’s needs.

The certainty of an unlimited package

Our unlimited package can assist with schools’ budgets by providing certainty. It is priced competitively and fairly, and by providing a fixed bill, schools don’t risk running out of money or impacting budgets for other services. SchoolMoney provides integrated communications in the system and provides unlimited solutions for a fixed price.

In conclusion, by using services that provide consistent invoicing, schools receive many benefits and they can plan their budgets in an easier way. Not only do they receive a lot of time back, but they also have the opportunity to use these services freely without being concerned about the price and extra fees. Consequently, the product will return its value and schools will use the service as it was intended. Find out more about SchoolMoney and school communications.