5 November 2021

New Educational Budgets: what can your school expect?

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Giulia Tramontana

A new, better school day

With the new update on educational budgets being released, there was apprehension within the education community towards finding out the allocation of funding. However, in an unexpected yet welcome move, educational budgets have not been this high since 2010. It’s a great step forward for the education industry to see such a big increase in allocated budget this year; we have not seen a similar number in 12 years. By 2024/2025, the government has announced the budget will include an extra £4.7 billion for schools in England.

Thanks to this, schools now have the opportunity to start adopting EdTech within their community to facilitate efficiency and ultimately promote further financial and time savings further down the line. How will investing in tech tools benefit your school, and satisfy students, parents and guardians and school staff?

Finding solutions

As our culture has shifted increasingly to become more tech-literate, most schools are also becoming more technology-focused. It is standard to have a good website to provide information and possibly an app to engage with parents and guardians.

As reported by our schools, investing in tech services has many benefits, but it most importantly will help you save time, make communication and payments quick and easy, and engage with parents and guardians.

A big step for SEND schools

SEND school support and development is a notable highlight within the recent budget with an allocated £2.6 billion. This opportunity will create 30,000 new school places for children with special educational needs and disabilities. The money will also go towards improving school buildings’ accessibility and funding new, special provision in free schools England.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak states: “I want every child to have the best possible start in life and to fulfil their potential. That’s why we’re taking action to fund tens of thousands of new places for students with special needs and disabilities, improving the lives of so many of the nation’s most vulnerable children.”

According to TES, 90% of councils in England ended up overspending their budgets for teaching children with SEND last year. An increased budget will hopefully help to relieve school budget pressures, and in-turn, improve the learning conditions for children and school staff.

Are you getting the most from your budget?

Thanks to this great opportunity, your school can now find new solutions to help create a reliable, time-saving, financially secure environment.

Our calculator instantly provides you with potential savings across your overall cost and time allocated to efficiencies. Try our FREE calculator.

Have a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion to put forward to support other school budgeting please comment below or email marketing@communitybrands.uk.